Never push a crazy b*tch

While I hate being referred to as crazy, and enjoy being described as bitch about as much; nevermind the combination of the two - as someone with Bipolar 1 Disorder and PTSD there are times I am triggered/pushed/tested to the point I can not control my emotions. Included in the encompassing term emotions is anger. Sometimes it is like it is not me. And at times I black out. This is why the quote below hit home for me. I have an inner Hulk that can come out.

Do you have an inner Hulk?
How do you cope with triggers?

I try to walk away ;-)
Many times going through the Acknowledge, Accept - it is what it is, process works. But there are times a little more is needed; especially while going through the acceptance process.
Concentrating on even breathing has helped me. And now, my new therapist has me working on Belly Breathing (while you breathe in & out, breathe into your tummy. Do this by sticking out your tummy as you breathe in AND out), which is working wonderfully right now - especially coping with my anxiety.
Making sure I keep up with taking care of my mental & physical health helps also. One of the things I do to help my overall health is take Vitamin D, Omega 3's, Magnesium, Co-Q-10, and Whole Food Nutrition from Juice Plus+. 
Restive sleep, and enough of it, is very important! Tired me equals an easily triggered me.
Journaling is helpful. My version of journaling is this blog. Myself and many others enjoy journaling & it's benefits, and science backs it's effectiveness.
Yoga is amazing for both mental & physical health. I like to describe it as meditative exercise, and love it! Yoga is shown to help "re-wire" the brain and improve mental health, among other health benefits. Yoga can be done by almost anybody. You don't have to be able to do the splits and stand on your head ;-)
Scent is powerful! Find high quality, organic (and preferably non gmo), calming essential oils. Lavender is a favorite of many. (We recommend Essential Oils from Pure Haven Essentials.)
Accupuncture is a very effective tool for relieving stress. Make sure to research anyone you consider using. You do not want to have a bad accupuncture experience!
Stimulants and (poor) diet can cause me to be more easily triggered as they can negatively affect my mood. 
Hunger can make me easily triggered; me get hangry ;-)
Avoiding alcohol and drugs helps keep the Hulk at bay haha funny, but true.
Hormones. Enough said. Not much you can do... Mindfulness can be extremely helpful all the time, and especially during times when we are easily set off - like during a menstrual cycle. Acceptance of what is also saves the day a lot; Try your best to not REact. Reaction equals being emotional.
...welp, I am exhausted and have just drawn a blank ;-)
Hope you will share your coping techniques with us!
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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