As I speak to my father we can not stop asking the questions,
"Do American voters realize the President really has no power? Do they realize that the power sits in the Congress? Do they realize that the personality of the President very much represents the type of President they will be? And do Americans who scream about Socialism actually understand the definition of the term, and do they understand the definition of the word Society (and remember we are The American Society)?"
I beg of each American Voter to answer these questions. If you can not honestly & factually answer them PLEASE do your research before casting another vote.
Whether you support Trump, Bernie or another; (re)educate yourself on the American Political System, and what the definitions of Socialism and Society truly are. Then try to put your own selfish wants, religious beliefs (as no matter how firmly you believe religion & politics go hand and hand, they do NOT - if you believe they do PLEASE educate yourself on the American Political System and remind yourself about Seperation of Church & State and why it's written into our Constitution), and bigoted/racist/sexist views aside. Think bigger picture. Think of voting for America as a whole. What and whom will benefit all of us?
I'm not trying to be mean or rude. I'm not trying to insult or hurt feelings. All I'm asking - no begging for, is a voting population whom truly vote for whom is the most effective for the American Population as a whole, as well as maintaining our very important economic ties to countries like Mexico. We have got to stop alienating those whom support and lift up our economy.
Many think what I hope for is a pipe dream. And maybe they are right. But it won't stop me from educating the public - yes in my own way, which sometimes can come across as opinionated, bitchy, and judgmental, but truly is not meant that way.
I am a Canadian living legally in the United States; can't vote. So admittedly I get very frustrated - maybe angry at times - and it breaks my heart watching American Voters consistently make more problems for this great country by who they (emotionally) vote into our Presidential Office and Congress.
...please answer the questions I posed in the beginning of this blog. If you honestly answer them you, as a voter, will be a little less scary to me.
Thank you.
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡


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