(Un)Refined Sugars

A few weeks ago it was suggested that we try going Refined Sugar Free for our Physical & Mental Health...

so far, barring a few awesome sweet cravings lol, the endeavor is going well!

When we made the choice to remove refined sugars from our diet we were pretty much out of food in the house (due to travelling for the week + previous to the decision), so it made the task much easier.
Now, (my boyfriend is back and refuses to give up some of his junk-food-vices (lol)), but otherwise our kitchen is filled with fruits, vegetables, some cheese (we LOVE our cheese even though our tummies don't lol meh), the last of our pre-made gluten free bread, organic tortilla chips, the last of our gluten free seed crackers, and a few meat products. ...not even a box of Mac N Cheese ;-)

Going forward I will make bread for us. As well I plan to learn how to make crackers, pasta (unless I can find gluten free in store that does not have "no-no ingredients", and we actually enjoy), and similar food products.
As well we will have to re-learn how to bake using less-refined sugars such as Pure Maple Syrup and/or Raw Honey. (We caved and got some Turbinado Sugar to bake, and for coffee.)

We are not 100% refined sugar free.
Props to anyone who can pull off 100% refined sugar free diet, but we are not that house lol
What matters is that we are trying to make the healthiest choices we can, while not depriving ourselves; When we deprive ourselves of things we love (more often than not), especially in regards to food/eating, we land up binging on what we feel deprived of.

What are Refined Sugars?
Any sugar product you use or is used in food products.
Even Raw Honey, Pure Maple Syrup, and Raw/Turbinado Sugar; they have all been processed, or refined, to one degree or another.
In my opinion, and many others, the only sugars that are truly Unrefined only come in Whole Food Form.

Learn Moderation.
We have discussed Moderation before; in regards to diet, and life.
Anything in excess is unhealthy, or "bad" for you.
Another term to describe it is, Balance.
Either way, too much of anything is not a "good" thing. That includes Sugars.

The list of refined sugars is pretty long, so here is a list of "Unrefined Sugars" that I found via SkinnyMs. (Their list, with their comments)

10 Alternatives to Refined Sugars

Maple syrup
Brown Rice Syrup

Dates or Date sugar
Coconut Palm Sugar (our favorite because of its low glycemic index)
Turbinado Sugar
Pureed bananas (great in baking!)

Sorghum Syrup
Unsulphured Molasses

Questions? Please do not hesitate to ask!

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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