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Egg Drop Salsa-Soup

Yep, Egg Drop Salsa-Soup.
I promised I would share this recipe on my Instagram account, and finally have a moment to do so.

How and Why?
I used our Salsa and made a soup for my son the other day when he was sick. And if I do say so myself, it was yummy!

Here is the recipe:

(I made enough for a 4 people)

1 Cup Salsa
1/2 of a Large Container Broth/Stock
4 Small Sweet Pepper, cut into slivers
Handful Greens : we used Spinach, Chard, Baby Kale
1 TSP Minced Garlic
1 TSP Minced Ginger
Salt, Pepper, Paprika to taste
Fresh (Purple) Basil Leaves
2 Eggs - drop in once soup almost done so yolk is not over cooked

Cook all ingredients in pot/sauce pan.
Serve & Enjoy!

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

CJ's Salsa

I have shared a few Meals on my Instagram that used my boyfriends most recent batch of Salsa, so today I am (finally) sharing the recipe. (Life has been pretty crazy here, apologies I am just now getting this recipe up.)

Ok, here we go:

2 Cups Fire Roasted Tomatoes (strained)
(We also used some fresh tomatoes)
2 Jalapeno
1 Habanero Pepper
1 Red Pepper
1 Green Pepper
1/2 Large Onion
1/2 bunch of Cilantro
1/2 - 1 (whole) Garlic (Do you like Garlic? Use more.)
4 Limes, Juiced
3 TBSP Salt
1 TBSP Ground Black Pepper
2 TBSP Celery Salt
4 TBSP Celery Flakes
Dash of Sugar

Put all into food processor and dice

I pulled a portion and added Mango Juice to it = yum!

* We use all Organic Ingredients *

This is a recipe we are still "perfecting". We would love any & all suggestions!

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.
And enjoy your Salsa!

She's amazing, and she's all ours!

She's AMAZING.... and she's all OURS!!! I am excited to introduce you all to our Chief Product Officer, Krupa Koestline! She grew up in India where farmers couldn't afford pesticides so EVERYTHING was ORGANIC and SEASONAL, as the norm. When Krupa moved to the U.S. she had to start really reading ingredients and be aware of what she was buying - what a way to learn, huh? She also started her career with a very well-known/household name global cosmetics brand. While developing products in the lab, they had to wear respirators and pregnant woman weren't allowed in the vicinity. Krupa asked herself, if this is not safe for me and my colleagues, why are we selling it? It was at that moment and experience when she felt she couldn't continue her career on that path. She didn't feel good about what she was doing - if they were unsafe to create, why would they be safe to sell to the masses? She wasn't even comfortable with her own family using these products. Krupa…

Mania = Projects Galore!

fabric and frames and glue and nails; oh my! The last few days mania has been kicking around, and with this I have been Go-Go-Go! Trying to focus this energy on productive things, I have been doing projects around our home. Recently I shared our Closet DIY Projects; now I have decorative wall projects to share.

Here they are:

Antique (Gold Paint) Frame with Fabric DIY Wrap fabric around foam board and staple to back of board Use (finishing) nails or a staple gun to tack foam board into frame You can see the piece hanging above the white cabinet. Super easy, looks great, and inexpensive DIY. * I took the doors off our Sante Fe Tv Armoire. Make it less heavy and makes room feel lighter. Also hung the "Live, Laugh, Love" Decorative Metal Pieces to right of the window. I am figuring out how to store my pilates ball & yoga gear (that is currently stored in the corner beside armoire). The black handles on the white cabinet were one of our recent upgrades. The Picasso print …

PTSD & Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from PTSD & Chronic Pain?
During my psychiatric appointment this morning my new psychiatrist had me tell her my physical diagnosis and issues.
As I was listing them off her face seemed to get excited. When I finished telling her my varying chronic pain issues her question was, "Were you (sexually) abused as a child?"
She informed me that the medical community has found a high correlation between PTSD and Chronic Pain. They believe it is due to Muscle Memory. (This is why treatments like EMDR are helpful for trauma victims.)
This is new information to me so I plan to research the topic, and thought I would share what I have found so far.Please read the following articles: you suffer from PTSD & Chronic Pain has your (mental) health team ever discussed this correlation with you?
If so, what treatments h…

What It Means To Be Grownup

"I am still every age that I have been. Because I was once a child, I am always a child. Because I was once a searching adolescent, given to moods and ecstasies, these are still part of me, and always will be... This does not mean that I ought to be trapped or enclosed in any of these ages...the delayed adolescent, the childish adult, but that they are in me to be drawn on; to forget is a form of suicide... Far too many people misunderstand what *putting away childish things* means, and think that forgetting what it is like to think and feel and touch and smell and taste and see and hear like a three-year-old or a thirteen-year-old or a twenty-three-year-old means being grownup. When I'm with these people I, like the kids, feel that if this is what it means to be a grown-up, then I don't ever want to be one. Instead of which, if I can retain a child's awareness and joy, and *be* fifty-one, then I will really learn what it means to be grownup.”
Madeleine L&#…

That is life.


National Women's Health Week

What is National Women's Health Week? National Women’s Health Week is an observance led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health. The goal is to empower women to make their health a priority. The week also serves as a time to help women understand what steps they can take to improve their health. The 17th annual National Women’s Health Week kicked off on Mother’s Day, May 8, and will be celebrated through May 14, 2016.

What steps can I take for better health? To improve your physical and mental health, you can:
Visit a doctor or nurse for a well-woman visit (checkup) and preventive screenings.Get active. Eat healthy.Pay attention to mental health, including getting enough sleep and managing stress.Avoid unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, texting while driving, and not wearing a seatbelt or bicycle helmet. Find out what additional steps you can take based on your age.

Sam, what do you do for your health?I follow the advice a…

What's in your Kiddos Shampoo?

Do you know what is in your kiddos body wash & shampoo?
Welp, check out that ingredient list on the bottle(s).
Ready to switch to a truly All Natural & Non Toxic Product? One that is safe for kiddos, animals, and the planet? And is an overall awesome product?
I can tell you that you will not find any harmful or toxic ingredients in Pure Haven Essentials Products. The products are Gluten & Cruelty Free. And most are Vegan friendly (some producrs have bees wax). And we can also tell you the kiddos in our family LOVE the Pure Haven Essentials Kids Body Wash & Shampoo! Questions? I am here to help 💚
Check out my website for more info and tons more awesome Non Toxic Products : Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

Quick (Yummy) Waffles

If you love waffles, I think you will enjoy this waffle recipe. Quick Waffles
(Adjusted from Oster Quick Waffle Recipe)
3 Eggs
1 Cup Milk (doesn't have to be dairy; we use almond)
1 TBSP Vanilla
1/2 Melted Butter (margarine or butter substitute; we use organic, unsalted butter)
2 Cups (Gluten Free) Flour
1/2 TSP Salt
1 TBSP Baking Soda
1 TBSP Raw Sugar
Raw Honey (drizzle on waffle in waffle maker when it's almost done)(Heat waffle maker while making waffle mix.)
Beat whole eggs until thick. Beat milk, melted butter and vanilla into eggs. In separate bowl, combine remaining ingredients. Stiff into egg mixture, and mix well. Bake as directed per your waffle maker/iron.
(Use water to thin batter.)
(Recipe makes 6 to 8 Waffles.)Use whatever fruits you love, and add cinnamon if you like! Sprinkle with (Organic) Powdered Sugar and serve with Pure Maple Syrup.
Enjoy!Pictured here: Banana-Blueberry-Almond (topped) Waffles 
My son had a Blackberry-Blueberry Waffle, while my…



Take Control Of Your Health; One Simple Change

Please follow the link and watch the video, One Simple Change ♡ For more about Taking Control of Your Health by making Simple Changes check out my Juice Plus+ Website.Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

End Hate; Start With Your Votes


Happy Cinco de Mayo!


May is Mental Health Month

May is ‪#‎MentalHealthMonth‬! Please join us in spreading the message that suicide is preventable and it starts with being smart about our mental health. Join us by sharing this content on social media throughout the month and by letting the people in your life know that it’s important to reach out when you’re struggling or when you’re worried about someone you know.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Mental health impacts the way we live our lives, from our daily activities to behavior, and mood. By drawing more attention to the importance of mental health we hope to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.
Nine out of 10 people who die by suicide have a diagnosable mental health condition at the time of their death. We’re hoping that as part of our suicide prevention efforts this month, and with your help, we can inform the public of how important it is to reach out when you’re worried about someone, or need help yourself.

*** Join Team Stand TallMa…

It's a Magnificent May!

Amazing just doesn't cut it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And for even more information, go to

DIY Storage

I will share more as soon as we are done our Master Bedroom Closet, but here is a little peak at our extra bedroom after getting a closet make over; everything in that closet (from the first shelf up), used to be in & around the room. No more! <jumping with joy, haha> (Using the room to grow more produce = eek!!! :-D )
Tips to do closet make over and not spend ton of money: use what you already have for storage.
The 2 x 16" deep (4' long), and the 1 x 12" deep shelves and hardware were right around $100!!! Not cheap by any means :-/ but I saved money using containers we had around the house already, zip lock bags, and carefully organizing the shelves so we did not need new containers/baskets or similar.
We do need a drapery rod; we already have an (extra) drape that can, and will be used to cover the closet - no matter how organized it is, it's an eye sore ;-) *** UPDATE: I used the clothing rod from the closet as a drapery rod, and used a sueded, char…

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