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I will share more as soon as we are done our Master Bedroom Closet, but here is a little peak at our extra bedroom after getting a closet make over; everything in that closet (from the first shelf up), used to be in & around the room. No more! <jumping with joy, haha> (Using the room to grow more produce = eek!!! :-D )
Tips to do closet make over and not spend ton of money: use what you already have for storage.
The 2 x 16" deep (4' long), and the 1 x 12" deep shelves and hardware were right around $100!!! Not cheap by any means :-/ but I saved money using containers we had around the house already, zip lock bags, and carefully organizing the shelves so we did not need new containers/baskets or similar.
We do need a drapery rod; we already have an (extra) drape that can, and will be used to cover the closet - no matter how organized it is, it's an eye sore ;-)
*** UPDATE: I used the clothing rod from the closet as a drapery rod, and used a sueded, charcoal grey drape I had. Voila! Closet is covered, and done for Free! = Happy Sam! haha ***
That's all for now.
Have a Fun Sunday! :-D
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.
Update :
Before & After, Master Bedroom Closet
● Left pic: Shelving support was sagging and coming off wall (9 ft wide closet; I had plastic drawers etc all along bottom of closet for storage. Sorry no before pic.).
● Right: After Shelves Down & sanded/cleaned up
● Left is my side (there is a shelf above my hanging pole. Used drawers from my old plastic drawer units on shelves rather than spending money on baskets or similar.)
● Right is his side (wouldn't let me get more creative/shelving on his side lol)
I let my boyfriend paint the closet black as he has wanted a black room for over a year; this and our Adult Pirate (Master) Bathroom were my compromises lol

This closet upgrade (at most) cost $160 total.
We bought a Rubbermaid Closet Kit on sale for $139 + tax, and a new paint roller tray kit/pack, but we saved money by using what we already had otherwise.
The extra bedroom closet with drape


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