Mania = Projects Galore!

fabric and frames and glue and nails; oh my!

The last few days mania has been kicking around, and with this I have been Go-Go-Go! Trying to focus this energy on productive things, I have been doing projects around our home. Recently I shared our Closet DIY Projects; now I have decorative wall projects to share.

Here they are:

Antique (Gold Paint) Frame with Fabric DIY

Wrap fabric around foam board and staple to back of board
Use (finishing) nails or a staple gun to tack foam board into frame
You can see the piece hanging above the white cabinet.
Super easy, looks great, and inexpensive DIY.
* I took the doors off our Sante Fe Tv Armoire. Make it less heavy and makes room feel lighter. Also hung the "Live, Laugh, Love" Decorative Metal Pieces to right of the window. I am figuring out how to store my pilates ball & yoga gear (that is currently stored in the corner beside armoire). The black handles on the white cabinet were one of our recent upgrades. The Picasso print that is now on top of the armoire used to be on the floor by the plant (against the wall).
(Our entryway is to the right of the white cabinet.)

Dry Erase Board Upgrade (DIY)

I used some of my craft ribbon, and then the ole' glue gun attached it to the frame.
Tad tedious; take your time using your fingers to center and affix ribbon. But it is not hard work.
We screwed O-hooks into the top of the board/frame, and used hemp string to hang it from a large nail. (My guardian angel voodoo doll is hanging out too.)
Easy, Inexpensive, and Looks Great!

(sorry shaky hands when I took the photos, meh, haha)

Antique Wheat Frame Turned Art Frame (DIY)

My mum has had this frame floating around for years. I only recently realized it is not a window or art frame, but a (fall) wheat frame; my best guess is that it had a screen in it and your sifted wheat with it. I used small nails to attach canvas to frame.
The painting is one I did a couple of years ago and have been trying to figure out how to frame it. On a whim I decided I wanted to use the gold frame pictured above and this one, but what to put in them... well, you see here the end result(s).

I have more projects in the works and will share them as we go.
What projects are you doing? Or are you going to do?
Would love to hear!
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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