She's amazing, and she's all ours!

She's AMAZING.... and she's all OURS!!!
I am excited to introduce you all to our Chief Product Officer, Krupa Koestline!
She grew up in India where farmers couldn't afford pesticides so EVERYTHING was ORGANIC and SEASONAL, as the norm.
When Krupa moved to the U.S. she had to start really reading ingredients and be aware of what she was buying - what a way to learn, huh? She also started her career with a very well-known/household name global cosmetics brand. While developing products in the lab, they had to wear respirators and pregnant woman weren't allowed in the vicinity. Krupa asked herself, if this is not safe for me and my colleagues, why are we selling it?
It was at that moment and experience when she felt she couldn't continue her career on that path. She didn't feel good about what she was doing - if they were unsafe to create, why would they be safe to sell to the masses? She wasn't even comfortable with her own family using these products. Krupa told them to throw all their free products away.
She made the decision then to move into the organic natural personal care segment of the industry and she most recently found her way to Pure Haven Essentials!! We are truly fortunate to have her leading our product development, quality control testing, production, the whole nine yards behind our products. While we are working towards our manufacturing facility becoming USDA Organic certified this year, Krupa holds her standards even higher with regulatory checks up against other top regulation agencies as well. She's super smart, passionate, has strong ethics, and even has a great personality! I have no doubt in my mind that PURE Haven Essentials has THE SAFEST product line and I'm excited to share this message far and wide.
Help me as we work hard to BE the pebble and MAKE the ripple in chemical policy change in our country. TODAY.
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(originally written by my friend and PHE Uplink, Kelli Stewart)


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