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American Voters Choices

So we are down to the last two choices it seems... and not many are happy about their choices for the 2016 election. So much so, many are saying they are not going to vote at all.

Why you want to chose the lessor of two evils:
If you do not vote, or you write in your vote, all you will do is ensure someone you definitely do not want in the Presidential office makes it in.

Not that anyone is interested, but here are my two cents.

Vote for Clinton.
She understands politics.
She has a husband whom understands politics, and was (in many opinion) a great President.
She understands women, race, human and the like interests/concerns/needs.
She understand the economics behind why we could never build a wall between the United States and Mexico - among similar issues.
She understands we need gun regulation reforms. (Not do away with gun rights, but try to make regulations more effective. Look at our mass shootings - legal guns. Do not argue that illegal guns are used more often than not…


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I make mistakes...

Image by #thesameboutique

Explore Colorado : Ute Peak Pass Trail

It crossed my mind that with all the exploring we do in Colorful Colorado, I should probably not only do IG posts, but also do posts here - doh! Better late than never!

The first Explore Colorado post will be on our most recent adventure, Ute Peak Pass Trail.

This trail is marked at 5 Miles (one way), if starting at the trailhead on the top of Ute Peak Pass.
It is a well worn trail, so it is fairly easy to stay on trail - minus when/if you run into fallen trees and snow, as we did. (We believe there is another trail head on the back side of Ute Peak; more direct.)

The trail "summits" approximately three times; you keep thinking you are almost there, and nope lol

Note: We are a tad out of shape right now, and we are smokers.

We hiked this trail this past Friday (June 16th, 2016), and about half way up we started running into more & more snow. If you hike early season definitely be prepared to hike through snow - and not just a little. Much of it was waste deep on me.…

Sole Cakes

My mum brought me home a bunch of wild caught dover sole, and having never cooked with it before, I had not idea what to do with it lol
What did I come up with?
Sole Cakes.

(we made 6 cakes with this recipe)
6 pieces of Sole
2 Small Sweet Peppers (cored & quartered)
1/2 Small (Sweet or Red) Onion
3 (peeled) Garlic Cloves
Thumbnail Size Pc of Ginger (peeled)
Ground Black Pepper
Sea Salt
Lemon Juice (I recommend fresh - we used the juice of 2 lemons)
(Purple) Basil (I used approximately 10 fresh leaves)
"handful" of Fresh Parsley
1 Egg
1/2 box of (Gluten Free) Cornbread Pieces/Crutons

Put all in food processor/blender and blend.
Heat pan with your choice of oil - use moderation with oil. You can always add more if needed.
Hand patty cake mixture, and put patties into heated oil.
Use spatula to press patty.
Flip once golden brown, and fry until second side is golden brown.
(Pre-heat Oven to 250 degrees to keep cakes warm.)
Garnish with fresh parsley and/or…

Random Thoughts....


"20 Minutes of Action" : the Stanford Rape

To be completely honest, I have not followed this case. It is difficult for me to do so due to my own abuse history. I have heard the basics, especially the ugliness. I have a few things to say...

In Regards to The Judge:
Please stop threatening the judge. It will not help. It will not change anything.
Want to help?
Help change the laws.
Help set new legal precedence.
Help out at shelters, peer support organizations, and the like.
But stop with the hate. There is enough of that negative, ugly emotion/feeling/action in the world already.

Here is what I would like to say to the father and rapist...

To the Father:
You would not make comments as you have if "20 minutes of action" - such as what happened by the hands (and genitalia) of your son - happened to you.
Those 20 Minutes of Action have irreversibly & negatively changed a young women's life. She will never be the same. She will never think the same. She will never feel the same. The 20 minutes of action by you…

A response to, "Excuse Me While I Lather My Child In This Toxic Death Cream"

Because I know many out there have not read the article I am "responding" to, I am going to share it here and add my 2 cents in (lol you know me and my opinion). The original article will be in italic font, while my comments will be in regular font.

Here we go....

It’s Memorial Day weekend. We are up at the cabin with family. A time where we are supposed to be resting and relaxing. A time of thankfulness. A time of remembering those who have given their lives for our freedom.
My husband has been working overtime and doing freelance work so we’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks. We even bought our twin 2-year-olds their first fishing poles and planned a treasure hunt. And then there’s me. A massive ball of, “just take me to the sanitarium.” I mean, one of my boys just looked at me and said, “Mama’s tired.” Yes. Yes, Bennett. Mama is tired. Mama is reeeaaal tired. I do my best to keep my emotional issues from my boys but they are getting older and more perceptiv…


How have you been?

I have shared some here the last while, but have not really shared my life with all of you.
Things have been a whirlwind, (but what is new in my life? haha) and things have been strained. But I am doing my best to cope. Not always effectively; Mania has been ruling my mood forces the last while, which means I am quick to snap/react, and not always the nicest person with my words & tone. But I am trying to cope, none the less.

Stress is a huge trigger for those of us with Bipolar 1, and it has definitely been triggering me.
My current stressors are:
- We are starting a new sales rep business, and I am also trying to grow my own businesses as well (Pure Haven Essentials, Juice Plus+, and the sam-e boutique). It is A LOT of work! I do not think most people realize how difficult it is to grow a business; rewarding, but extremely stressful!
- My son has been something else the last few months... testing, trying, and pulling crap I never thought he would... it is p…

Why the Gorilla?

I can only imagine as a mother what it would be like to have what happened at the Cinci Zoo... but as someone who believes in animal rights, I don't believe the gorilla should have been killed. My opinion: if we didn't have Zoo's, there wouldn't be accidents like this.
We need animal conservation efforts, but this is a perfect example of why Zoo's are not the most effective choice for animal conservation. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a day at the Zoo! And I know most really are trying to help animals. But accidents like this remind us that wild animals are not meant to be captive and made to be exhibits.Other examples would be the Circus. Animal abuse has gone on for years, and animal - human accidents as well.Why would we think a Zoo, Safari, or similar would be any different from a Circus (in regards to accident potential)?Here is another thought...
As a mother I know going into a venue, such as a Zoo, that we enter at our own risk; Just like we ski or snowboa…