American Voters Choices

So we are down to the last two choices it seems... and not many are happy about their choices for the 2016 election. So much so, many are saying they are not going to vote at all.

Why you want to chose the lessor of two evils:
If you do not vote, or you write in your vote, all you will do is ensure someone you definitely do not want in the Presidential office makes it in.

Not that anyone is interested, but here are my two cents.

Vote for Clinton.
She understands politics.
She has a husband whom understands politics, and was (in many opinion) a great President.
She understands women, race, human and the like interests/concerns/needs.
She understand the economics behind why we could never build a wall between the United States and Mexico - among similar issues.
She understands we need gun regulation reforms. (Not do away with gun rights, but try to make regulations more effective. Look at our mass shootings - legal guns. Do not argue that illegal guns are used more often than not.)
She understands international economics and policies.
She understands we need health care reform, and that it is not as simple as doing away with "Obamacare".
She is not a sexist, bigot, racist, or similar.
She understands closing our borders is not the answer to our problems.
She understands military issues and their impacts.
...I could go on.

Plain and simple, Trump may be a smart con man, and in turn business man, but he has absolutely no experience running a city or state; let alone a whole country. He has only basic ideas of what voters want, and uses those ideas to win over voters. He plays on voters emotions rather than using facts and providing answers to our problems. (As well uses verbal attacks like a child would. He sounds like my 12 year old lmao) And let me tell you, his businesses are a part of our economic problem. Please look into his business bankruptcies; That's your tax dollars paying off every one of those. Remember that.

Do not let Trump play on your emotions. Vote wisely. And voting for Trump is not wise.
(Wise Mind is a combination of Emotional & Rational Mind.)

A plus side; I am thankful Congress holds the power. If Trump makes it in, just vote a Democratic majority in and he will face the same pissing matches & road blocks Obama did when American Voters decided to elect a Republican majority to Congress (when they changed their minds about change). (Ironic lol)

Anyways, sorry to ramble, the point is that if I could vote, I would vote for Clinton. And it has nothing to do with the fact she is a woman. She is just the wisest and least scary vote.

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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