How have you been?

I have shared some here the last while, but have not really shared my life with all of you.
Things have been a whirlwind, (but what is new in my life? haha) and things have been strained. But I am doing my best to cope. Not always effectively; Mania has been ruling my mood forces the last while, which means I am quick to snap/react, and not always the nicest person with my words & tone. But I am trying to cope, none the less.

Stress is a huge trigger for those of us with Bipolar 1, and it has definitely been triggering me.
My current stressors are:
- We are starting a new sales rep business, and I am also trying to grow my own businesses as well (Pure Haven Essentials, Juice Plus+, and the sam-e boutique). It is A LOT of work! I do not think most people realize how difficult it is to grow a business; rewarding, but extremely stressful!
- My son has been something else the last few months... testing, trying, and pulling crap I never thought he would... it is probably a good thing that he is with his paternal family for the month. One less stressor in my life (right now) is definitely a positive. Though I do miss him so, and he has only been gone four days.
- My relationship... (I do not want to go into detail out of respect for him and his mother.) Things are strained, to say the least. My Mania is probably the biggest stress factor for us. Then add in starting a business, my sons shenanigans, a busy sport schedule the last month for my son, "normal disagreements", a last minute decision to "adopt" a dog (he is the best! it just was not necessarily the best times for me to do this...), home projects, bills, etc = T-e-n-s-i-o-n!

Something I know I need to work on is being more mindful; take a deep breath and get present. This helps lessen emotional reactions, and helps one get into Wise Mind (a comnbination of Emotion Mind & Rational Mind; reference Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.). With this, those of us with BP1, or similar diagnosis which allow for us to be mean to others due to being in an emotion mind state - mindfulness helps ensure those around us do not suffer quite as much from our verbal lashings (or worse, physical abuse), delusions, and the like (mania symptoms). Mindfulness, and the lessens taught in therapies like DBT, is especially important for those of us whom do not use medications and chose all natural treatment - but all, mental illness or not, can benefit from Mindfulness, and DBT.
In conjunction with practicing Mindfulness, I know Yoga helps my mental & physical health. REALLY need to get back into the routine of doing yoga every day again.

"Stop saying Need To, and Do It!"

How do you get back into routines?
How do you cope with stress?
How do you cope with mania?

Would love to hear from you!

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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