Explore Colorado : Ute Peak Pass Trail

It crossed my mind that with all the exploring we do in Colorful Colorado, I should probably not only do IG posts, but also do posts here - doh! Better late than never!

The first Explore Colorado post will be on our most recent adventure, Ute Peak Pass Trail.

This trail is marked at 5 Miles (one way), if starting at the trailhead on the top of Ute Peak Pass.
It is a well worn trail, so it is fairly easy to stay on trail - minus when/if you run into fallen trees and snow, as we did. (We believe there is another trail head on the back side of Ute Peak; more direct.)

The trail "summits" approximately three times; you keep thinking you are almost there, and nope lol

Note: We are a tad out of shape right now, and we are smokers.

We hiked this trail this past Friday (June 16th, 2016), and about half way up we started running into more & more snow. If you hike early season definitely be prepared to hike through snow - and not just a little. Much of it was waste deep on me. (I wore my Salomon Trail Runners, which are supposed to be "waterproof", but after all the snow we went through, my feet were a tad damp/wet by the end of it all.)

There are A LOT of fallen trees on this trail. As I am a dog owner whom recommends one always keep their dog on leash (for their own safety; an example is that Moose mistake dogs for wolves, their only natural predator), fallen trees are a pain in the ass with a leashed dog. But, the trees are not impassable, so just be prepared to walk around, go over, or go under them.

We could tell that this hike was about to be one of THE Wildflower hikes - flora & fauna all around that was ready to be in full bloom! Definitely would love to do it again next summer, just after Father's Day, maybe right around 4th of July. Think the flowers would all be out around then.

Bring your bug repellent! There are giant mosquitos, black flies, and horse flies (I think that is what they were). We may have ran into more than one would mid - late summer due to how wet everything still was, but be prepared either way. (Especially with all the nasty stuff mosquitos are transmitting these days.)

Bring a lunch, and lots of water! It took us 6+ hours to do this hike, round trip.
We hung out at the top for about 30 minutes or so, the rest was hiking, figuring out route (due to snow making it so we kept loosing the trail), and pee/rest breaks.
Something to remember: recommendations for water are half your body weight in ounces. Weigh 150 lbs? You need a minimum of 75 ounces of water a day - especially when physically active.

Please take all trash with you; leave no trace (as much as one can).

Please do not leave dog poop on trails.

Directions from Silverthorne, Colorado:
Take the HWY to Ute Peak Pass, and turn right onto the Pass.
Follow the pass to the top. You will see parking lots on either side with National Forest Service Maps.
Park on the right side. Trail is on right, through the trees.
Enjoy! The views are beautiful!

You can camp on this trail, and this trail connects to the Continental Divide Trail. You can start at Ute Peak Pass and hike all the way back to Silverthorne! That is another adventure we want to do. Let us know if you have, or do!

...I think that is all, minus sharing some pics with you.

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

Up, up, up you go. 
One of your first views, over Ute Peak Pass 
Beware of snow late spring/early summer 
One of the views when you reach the top 
Some of the flora & fauna  


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