Why the Gorilla?

I can only imagine as a mother what it would be like to have what happened at the Cinci Zoo... but as someone who believes in animal rights, I don't believe the gorilla should have been killed.

My opinion: if we didn't have Zoo's, there wouldn't be accidents like this.
We need animal conservation efforts, but this is a perfect example of why Zoo's are not the most effective choice for animal conservation.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a day at the Zoo! And I know most really are trying to help animals. But accidents like this remind us that wild animals are not meant to be captive and made to be exhibits.

Other examples would be the Circus. Animal abuse has gone on for years, and animal - human accidents as well.

Why would we think a Zoo, Safari, or similar would be any different from a Circus (in regards to accident potential)?

Here is another thought...
As a mother I know going into a venue, such as a Zoo, that we enter at our own risk; Just like we ski or snowboard at our own risk. We camp and hike at our risk. We drive and bike at our own risk. And so on. We are responsible for ourselves.

But you know what else we are responsible for?
Animals. As we continue to encroach on their environments, pushing them out of their homes, and causing species to go extinct; WE, the Humans of Earth, are responsible for the care of the Animals of the Earth. (And for the religious, we are responsible for ALL of God's Creatures/Creations.)

So why is it so easy for us to kill them off? Even if "just one gorilla at a Zoo"?

I wish more would ponder the larger picture... but there will be no holding of my breath haha

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

My thoughts, love & strength go out to the Boys Family, and the (Zoo) Family of the Gorilla ♡


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