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Explore Colorado : St Elmo

So due to a change in employment, and lack of weather cooperation last week, we did not get to take my son on the awesome trip I has dreamed up. So yesterday, my one day off while he is here that weather cooperated and we didn't have anything that had to be done, we went on a family adventure day. Minus this pic at the gas station as we were leaving yesterday, it was a technology free day for me = peaceful!  Family Adventure Day:
Hwy 9 to 285 South/West, to Buena Vista - there is a lot of road work stops ; be prepared for lots of car dance parties 
285 to Nathrop area
Get off at road for Princeton/St Elmo ; we were aiming for Antero, but when we got to St Elmo, we could not help ourselves - super cute "Ghost Town". We want to go back!!! 
We wandered around St Elmo, got lunch from the gourmet burger trailer, and then headed in the direction of what we were told was the 4 wheel drive road for Mt Antero. (Only bathrooms are outhouses a couple of blocks off the main dra…

Product Review : Consonant Skincare

If you follow my blog you know how I feel about green washing, all natural & organic claims, and the like. I have once again come across a company green washing their products.

My cousins beautiful wife posted how excited she is about her new skin care products from Consonant Skincare; her pic was of products like, "Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Moisturizer". Being in Canada, and knowing they are stricter on cosmetic regulations, I was excited she found a skin care line, and as excited to learn about their ingredients. That excitement quickly turned to disgust.

The company freely offers their ingredients on their product pages, which is great for those of us whom actually know what ingredients to avoid. Not so great for those whom have no idea what ingredients are actually going to hurt their skin (and overall) health, in the long run. All the list does for them is give them warm fuzzies when they see all the organic & natural ingredients in that list. Makes it ea…

My Therapy Homework

Does your therapist give you "homework"? Mine does, and I love it! Why? Because it encourages me to do what I need to be a healthier me, and she holds me accountable, which also helps.

Last time I saw my therapist my home work was to work on belly breathing (for anxiety, and when in emotional mind), try to start reading before bed rather than watching t.v., annnnnd.... doh! forgot lol It has been a while since I saw her last; I missed a couple of appointments (oops!), and then she was out sick for a month plus. And in that time, I have "slid". But thankfully I was able to get in to see her within 48 hours of calling, and we are going to set up an once a week schedule for the time being.

Anyhoo, back to the post topic, my current homework.

1) Eat 3  Healthy, Balanced Meals a Day
I have been on the Manic side of things for the last month or side, with some depression thrown in during my period for good measure, and when running on high I tend to forget to eat. This…

Explore Colorado: With My Son - Planning Our 2016 Summer Trip

July 18th I finally get my son back from his dad = YAY! So ready to have him back, even if only for a week or so. (His dad gets the majority of the summer break.)
This year I really want to share my love of exploring Colorado with my son - especially since he is turning into a typical 2000's-or something-kiddo, and is forever attached to some form of technology.

This is what I am thinking so far...

Day 1 & 2 : We pick him up in Steamboat Springs. My thought is that we camp on my friends property (Day/Night 1) outside of Steamboat (beautiful piece of property! but break him in with toilets haha), and spend a day tubing the Yampa River (Day 2).

Day 2 : Drive to Summit County (after tubing) so we can drop off our tube, and so my son can see my parents/his grandparents. While my son gets his grandparent fix, we may set up camp - if we do not get back too late and are not exhausted. If we camp in County Night 2; thinking maybe Peru Creek area, St Johns (above Montezuma), or Windy Ridg…

Coconut Oil Spa

I found this on Pinterest and thought it sounded like a wonderfully, relaxing bath time soak mix - especially for someone like myself whom has skin issues and fibromyalgia. If you do not know where to find high quality Essential Oils that you can trust, I highly recommend PURE Haven Essentials, Essential Oils. If you would like information I can email you an informative PDF; where the oils come from, plant sources, safety, and more. Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.
And enjoy a Coconut Oil Spa soak 😊