Explore Colorado : St Elmo

So due to a change in employment, and lack of weather cooperation last week, we did not get to take my son on the awesome trip I has dreamed up. So yesterday, my one day off while he is here that weather cooperated and we didn't have anything that had to be done, we went on a family adventure day.
Minus this pic at the gas station as we were leaving yesterday, it was a technology free day for me = peaceful! 
Family Adventure Day:
Hwy 9 to 285 South/West, to Buena Vista - there is a lot of road work stops ; be prepared for lots of car dance parties 
285 to Nathrop area
Get off at road for Princeton/St Elmo ; we were aiming for Antero, but when we got to St Elmo, we could not help ourselves - super cute "Ghost Town". We want to go back!!! 
We wandered around St Elmo, got lunch from the gourmet burger trailer, and then headed in the direction of what we were told was the 4 wheel drive road for Mt Antero. (Only bathrooms are outhouses a couple of blocks off the main drag in the old school house.)
Not very far up we ran across a really cool old rail bridge and mine - we stopped and explored. Found some fools gold, though according to an old Kansas MO area farmer talking to my boyfriend, "Boy, I think you got yourself some real gold there!"  
We noticed the day was quickly fading so we decided to head out from there and find somewhere to do a picnic dinner.
After a quick stop in Buena Vista for H2O, we drove towards Leadville. I pulled off the hwy at a random rafting / fishing pull off area; The place we landed was called, Rapid 4. Well Rapid 4, you gave us a beautiful place to make & eat burgers, Ryder could play in the river, and we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset. 

pic I found online; part of St Elmo, Main Street


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