My Therapy Homework

Does your therapist give you "homework"? Mine does, and I love it! Why? Because it encourages me to do what I need to be a healthier me, and she holds me accountable, which also helps.

Last time I saw my therapist my home work was to work on belly breathing (for anxiety, and when in emotional mind), try to start reading before bed rather than watching t.v., annnnnd.... doh! forgot lol It has been a while since I saw her last; I missed a couple of appointments (oops!), and then she was out sick for a month plus. And in that time, I have "slid". But thankfully I was able to get in to see her within 48 hours of calling, and we are going to set up an once a week schedule for the time being.

Anyhoo, back to the post topic, my current homework.

1) Eat 3  Healthy, Balanced Meals a Day
I have been on the Manic side of things for the last month or side, with some depression thrown in during my period for good measure, and when running on high I tend to forget to eat. This negatively effects my mental & physical health. Keeping an even blood sugar level through out the day helps me maintain a more stable mood, helps stave off headaches/migraines, more stomach pain, fatigue, among other negative outcomes from not eating.
As well, I am Gluten, Dairy, Animal Protein Intolerant - essentially, Protein Intolerant lol and due to Chronic G.I. Issues as well as my Mental Health "Stuff", am supposed to avoid anything ending in "ose" (fructose, dextrose, sucrose), food dye, preservatives, synthetic ingredients & processed foods, many raw vegetables (for sake of G.I. system which when it is angry can flare my other physical & mental conditions) - and the list goes on. Essentially I am supposed to eat a totally all natural diet, and many vegetables have to be at least gently steamed so as that my g.i. system can break it down without causing me extreme pain. ....sorry to ramble lol but this all plays into mental health, and there for is relevant.
2) Drink Water!!!
Like food, staying hydrated helps mental & physical health. And as we know, one plays off the other. Both need to be taken care of for both to be healthy.
3) Research Brain Food, "Food for Bipolar", and research if there are foods that can trigger Bipolar Mood Swings (other than stimulants like caffeine, herbs like St Johns Wart, and depressants like alcohol).
4) When baking & cooking use Anti-Inflammatory Foods, and foods I find from research to be beneficial as much as possible; including ginger, turmeric, and cumin.
5) Walk (or Cardio of some sort) for a minimum of 20 minutes a day to get the feel good endorphins flowing.

Side thought: We know that diet can either positively or negatively effect mental (and physical) health. Doing all we can to eat as all natural, organic, and balanced diet as possible is a must for Mental Health - whether you have a mental illness or not. (Need help with diet? Contact me.)

Along with diet is Supplementation, as not many of us out there are truly getting all we need day to day - especially if we have mental and/or physical illnesses/disorders.
We have discussed diet & supplements here previously, but let's briefly share again for those who do not follow, and/or do not have time to go through old blog posts.

What am I supposed to do for my Mental & Physical Health in regards to Diet and Supplementation? Welp, this here is the basics ... "A Start", as the saying goes.


There is more that goes into it, but this is (as I mentioned before) a good start and the basics.
Do not forget, you can always contact me with any questions you have, help you need, or suggestions, advice or the like that you have for myself and/or our community.

Wish me luck with my homework! ;-)

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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