Do NOT compare my parenting to abusive men, Dayna Martin!

"We live in a world where parents are told to control and modify their children’s behavior. They are told that this is the goal of parenting. Most parents take pride in how obedient their children are and feel embarrassed when their children do not listen to them. It was not long ago that men were told to beat their wives if they did not obey. Men were encouraged by their fathers, friends and leaders to punish their wives harshly for disobedience. Look how far we have come since then! Men would be arrested today if they lived life this way now.
I believe that the same evolution is happening with children and their rights. We are on the cusp of change. In time, we will look back on these days with disgust and regret. When we can acknowledge the injustice that children live through being controlled, punished, and forced to live a subservient life we can begin to heal ourselves from our own cultural upbringing." ~ Dayna Martin

My 2 cents:
Whom is telling me what? No one is telling me a damn thing!
I am not embarrassed, I am pissed lol My son best do what I tell him, when I tell him. Not up for debate, argument, or the like. Choices are for things like which popsicle color, not behavior, respect, consideration, elementary education, medical, etc.  
Teaching my son to be a decent human being is an injustice? He lives a subservient life? ....LMAO!!!
Teaching my child how to be a decent human being, and expecting that of him, and make sure he has a basic education (if for no other reason than to give him building blocks for a happy & successful life) - elementary math, english (writing & reading), history, civics, science, art; that IS love. That IS respecting my child.
You know why there are so many whiney, crying, brats that talk back to their parents, as well as others, and are rude & disrespectful, never mind inconsiderate to those around them when they pull their BS (in public)?!?!? Because of parents like Dayna Martin.

Pretty sure my son, while a typical 12 year old, is an emotionally intelligent, considerate, caring, respectful kiddo. He knows we love and respect him, because this is how we parent, and he knows we expect him to show & treat us the same. There are consequences for negative actions, and there are rewards for positive. And even though he really struggles academically due to dyslexia & ADD, and has been bullied mercilessly by elementary (school) kiddos, he is the kid that has his hand up in class to answer & ask questions, he is the kid who helps other kiddos struggling to understand the materials in class, he is the kid making sure the kiddo that looks sad is ok; he is the kid that is looking out for others.
Yes, there are abusive parents out there. People whom are over controlling, bearing, and the like. There are parents whom are distant, and there are parents whom are too involved. We are all different, and for the most part, we figure out what feels & works best for our family dynamic. We do not need people like Dayna Martin telling us we are doing it wrong, and that we are comparable to horrors of human history.
How about this, Dayna; in my opinion, you, my dear, are the one whom should have your parenting techniques questioned. ...and I will leave it at that as I truly believe, as long as the child is happy & healthy, leave well enough alone; to each their own.
Vent over lol

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

Please read what WebMD has to say about Attachment Parenting.


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