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Flu & Cold Season are here... ugh!

Many of our friends have already been suffering from "the seasonal crud", or as others call it, "back to school crud".
While we suffered a bout due to something my son brought home from his fathers, our household has otherwise been crud free.
How do we manage to avoid the bugs every "Crud Season"?
A few things play into our household avoiding all the ick, season to season, year to year. 1) Healthy, Balanced, and as much as possible, All Natural & Organic Diet.
Our diets directly impact how our bodies function. Did you know more that half your daily diet should be healthy vegetables and fruits? While the other half should be split between healthy proteins, grains, and fats? Check out,
2) We do not use antibacterial products or flu shots; Expose ourselves to germs to build immunity. The only flu shot my son had was his infant flu shot. And I don't/have not used antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, sprays, or similar. Just good ole&#…

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