Flu & Cold Season are here... ugh!

Many of our friends have already been suffering from "the seasonal crud", or as others call it, "back to school crud".
While we suffered a bout due to something my son brought home from his fathers, our household has otherwise been crud free.
How do we manage to avoid the bugs every "Crud Season"?
A few things play into our household avoiding all the ick, season to season, year to year.

1) Healthy, Balanced, and as much as possible, All Natural & Organic Diet.
Our diets directly impact how our bodies function. Did you know more that half your daily diet should be healthy vegetables and fruits? While the other half should be split between healthy proteins, grains, and fats? Check out, myplate.gov
2) We do not use antibacterial products or flu shots; Expose ourselves to germs to build immunity. The only flu shot my son had was his infant flu shot. And I don't/have not used antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, sprays, or similar. Just good ole' soap & water, and effective cleanliness.
3) (When we are effective, or in other words, don't forget lol) We take Whole Food Nutrition from Juice Plus+ daily. We have been pretty crud-free ever since my son came along 12 years ago, but we really saw a difference once we added Whole Food Nutrition from Juice Plus+ to our regimen over 2 years ago. My parents saw so many health benefits, they too started taking Whole Food Nutrition from JP+. As do many of our friends. I highly recommend all consider adding these wonderful, whole food nutrition packed products to your life. We promise you will not regret the choice!
4) Hydration; as much as possible, stick to water. Need flavor? Infuse with fruits, vegetables, herbs, tea, and similar. There are a lot of "rules" floating around on the internet. Personally, I suggest you ask your doc what they recommend for you. Otherwise, the Mayo Clinic is a reputable online source for health info.
5) Vitamin D, Omegas, Magnesium, Selenium, CO-Q-10 supplements, for myself; I have autoimmune disorders, and these supplements are part of my treatment. Plus is, they also help me stay healthier over all.
6) Restive Sleep, whenever possible. When insomnia hits we use all natural help, like herbal teas, OLLY Sleep Gummies (melatonin, l-theanine, and the like botanicals/herbals), and for the adults in the house, cannabis.
If you have sleep issues it is effective to avoid stimulants (especially within 6-8 hrs of bed), (unhealthy) fatty, processed, and/or sugary foods within a few hours of bed, technology within an hour or so of bed, stimulating exercise close to bed time - and similar things that can get your brain and/or heart going. 
Don't ruminate, or in other words, cause yourself worry/anxiety, over not being able to sleep. This is a proven way to ensure you will battle for those ZZZ's. If your brain is bound and determined to be awake, go with the flow. Acknowledge and Accept the BS insomnia situation for what it is, and move on.
Use the time to journal, draw/paint, meditate, do easy-flow yoga, stretching, enjoy some easy reading (nothing too exciting), and the like.
Worst case, put on a movie or TV series you have already seen. Why something you have seen? So if you do get sleepy, your brain is not tempted to stay awake to find out the ending.
7) Try for 30 minutes of exercise at some point during the day. I do not recommend doing anything that will get your heart pumping within a couple hours of bed, but some people say this actually helps them sleep. See what works for you. I would see how you feel an hour or so after exercising during the day, and go from there.
Side info: Exercise will help your brain release (feel good) endorphins, and has been shown to help with sleep. If you can get your work out on enough to break a sweat, you will assist your body with ridding toxins (this is when you really want to make sure you are drinking enough water. Water helps the body detox, and funtion properly.).
Plus, exercise, in general, is good for your overall health.
8) De-Stress!!! Take a deep belly breath in, and then a deep belly breath out. Do this 5 times. Let the tension go.
Take time for you. Take care of you.
Mental & Physical Stress negatively effect our Immune System.
9) Make sure you have an awesome med team! And see your doc for yearly physicals, when you are considering new diets, supplements, OTC drugs, major life changes, etc. Your friends on Facebook, people like me, WebMd, and the like giving you medical advice don't know your medical history, allergies, blood type, medicines or similar, etc. It's dangerous to take health or medical advice from people whom are not a part of your medical team. So even though I want you to follow my advice, I more so want you to be safe about your health choices. And being safe means running things by our docs to make sure they are safe, right, and/or the like, for us personally. What works for me, may be dangerous for you. (With that though, I'm not really recommending anything any doc you speak to would not. Unless they don't believe in prevention, that is.)
Do I take my on advice? Yes. I run everything by my med team.
Whom makes up my med team?
My general practitioner office, Kaiser Permanente.
My therapist (and Psychiatric Nurse) at Mind Springs Mental Health.
My physical therapist at Avalanche Physical Therapy.
One of my treating doctors has been the Director of Alternative Medicine for Kaiser Permanente.
I will be going to a women's health clinic, and am looking for a chiropractic, masseuse, and acupuncturist.
10) Get your daily dose of all natural, fun-in-the-sun, Vitamin D.
No sunscreen for 30 minutes in the sun. Sounds crazy? My doctors told me to do this. * Most doctors recommend everyone take 2000 IU of Vitamin D daily. *

So there you have it. My advice on avoiding the seasonal crud. Tried & true for our little family over the last 12+ years.

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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