Last Night's Debate

Listening to Donald Trump is grating for me, but what bothered me the most about last night's debate is this;
Why is no one bringing up the Child Rape Case against Donald Trump?!?!?
Do me a favor.
Please Google, Donald Trump Child Rape.
If he and others can use Bill Clinton's past against Hillary, why the heck is this case/accusation not being used against Trump?
This situation upsets and angers me... and no, I do not fully support the Clinton's. But I do feel Hillary is the effective choice in this election, unless you're willing to vote Stein (or Johnson).

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

SNOPES article

Side thought... I am watching CBS This Morning, and they just showed Ivanka saying her dad has respect for women. As a women, I feel the only way you can believe Trump respects women is if you do not respect women/yourself. If Trump truly respected women, he wouldn't have made 75% or more of the comments he has (in regards to women). He calls Hillary a liar, but he is as much of one, if not more of a liar. 
...but that's just my thoughts and feelings. To each their own. 


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