Let Sunday be a Fun Day

Yesterday I had dreams of getting up early today, and having the gang on the road by 9 am to head somewhere fun for the day... it is now 9:53 and I am still trying to organize the gang... meh
* Deep Belly Breathing *
"Let. It. Go. Sam. It is ok. It is just one day. Just pick something closer. You can do a big day trip another day. It is ok. You are ok. Everyone is ok."
This is what I am telling myself, and all of my parts and their varying emotions.
Parts of me are mad.
Parts of me are sad, let down, frustrated.
Other parts are indifferent.
And then there is my grounding part that is talking all the other parts through their emotions.
* Deep Belly Breathing *
Name 3 things I See.
Name 3 things I Feel.
Name 3 things I Taste.
Name 3 things I Hear.
* Deep Belly Breathing *
Feeling better, phew!

Now to remember to breath, acknowledge, accept, and do my best to stay present & mindful so as that I can continue to cope effectively today. 

* Deep Belly Breath * 

Time to make plans, pack a lunch, and make Sunday a Fun Day.

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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