Mania Word Vomit

Today we are at an all day Lacrosse Jamboree for my son; I am here alone.
On the way I was worried my anxiety would have me by myself all day, but what do you know, mania is here, so the piece of my personality that is more than willing to tell my entire life story has come out to play today... ugh.
While I'm glad to meet and talk to the other team parents, I'm not overly happy with how I talk to them.
Let me try to explain...
For starters, once I get to talking, it's like I have no control from that point over what I am going to say. Thankfully, my personality that comes out in these type of situations is my "therapist", but it's still mentally & emotionally stressful for me, and at the end of the day exhausting.
I tell too much, give too much opinion - Mania Word Vomit - and  then land up second guessing everything I have said, and in turn, am unhappy with myself and cause myself more anxiety over what I might "vomit" next.
It's a vicious cycle.
My hope is, as we continue the journey I am on, that this part of my personality and my main personality (being the one speaking to you now), will learn to work together so as to avoid future distress.
For now though, I must practice a whole lot of Acknowledgement & Acceptance of my personality traits, pieces, and mood swings.

What helps you deal with Mania Word Vomit?

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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