Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine?
I am working on establishing a healthy morning routine. There was a time I was effective and had a healthy morning routine, but those days have faded like a sun setting. So here we are, figuring out what is most effective for me now.
As of today, my morning routine consists of the following:
• Wake up my son for school at 6 am, clean up kitchen (we are bad and don't clean dinner dishes night of lol), and have my son off to the bus by 7 am
• Make coffee (need to switch (back) to green tea; sadly, the caffeine in coffee is too stimulating for my Bipolar brain and I), medicate with cannabis, and watch CBS This Morning (my guilty morning pleasure).
• Get my vitamins organized, and when able to eat breakfast (have chronic nausea & G.I. pain in mornings), eat and take vitamins.
• Yoga (try for 5 out of 7 days; minimum of 10 minutes).
• Wash up/Shower and get dressed.
• Appointments and/or TO-DO List, and take care of my online businesses/endeavors. 
Something I need to add to this list is: Make Bed.
Making my bed in the morning makes me feel better. Seems silly, but (believe it or not) studies have been done that actually explain this.
The other issue I have with my morning routine is, many days, it ends around noon... and many days, I need my morning routine to end by 9 am...
The big struggle I have currently is reeling my brain in so I can focus and get things done, in a timely fashion. My therapist and I are working on this, and once again, I am trying to not judge myself for struggling with something that is so simple for the average person. LOT'S of deep breaths, and trusting the process, is getting me through. It's a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, process. It can't be rushed. And it can't be judged. Everyone's process (or in another word, journey), is different.
Do you have any tips for adopting an effective morning routine?

Until next time, 
Live. Laugh. Love. 


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