My Vow: No More Politics

No more politics. Done. Donezo. No more. I am taking five deep belly breaths, and I'm letting go of Politics.
No more political posts. No more political comments. No more political opinion.
See or hear something political I don't like? Acknowledge the crap out of it for what it is, Accept it for what it is, and Let Go of "it".
Since this political season began I feel I have done my part trying to educate via this blog and our Facebook page, and have shared my two cents, on more than one occasion.
So today I call it quits to give myself a little peace of mind, and in turn make my journey a little easier by being a little less emotionally stressed.
(Don't worry, I can't vote due to being a Canadian living (legally) in the United States. Me not being informed going forward has not effect on outcomes this fall.)
As well, I know many of you are probably having a sigh of relief over not having to listen to my politcal rants any longer haha
So, with the end of this post, we end my political posts.
A Men
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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