Sometimes Apologies Are Needed

My message to my best friend, and all of my loved ones,
"Been doing a lot of work in therapy and have realized how opinionated I have become, and that I can come across as high & mighty, bitchy, condescending, and similar. I want to apologize to you guys for ever being rude due to this. We are working on my dissociative parts/disorder and that personality is a difficult one, and it saddens me that it has hurt, angered, or upset anyone.'s scary and sad learning more about myself, but it's necessary. Thank you for standing by me through all of it. xoxo you'll never know how much I appreciate you!"
It's a humbling process, but it's also a growing process.
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.
p.s. due to how intense this process is, and how upset some of my "parts" are, I can not own 100% of my story with you - for now. I am going to keep a journal, and down the road, with my therapists help, we may publish my full story down the road. Right now though, we have to make sure all my parts feel safe, so I will only be owning what doesn't make my parts feel too exposed (here). I appreciate your understanding xoxo


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