Be the Sunshine

Be the soft sunshine peaking over mountain tops 🌄, 
waking us with warm finger tips running through our hair 💆, 
breaking through the crisp autumn air.🍂❄
Be the fragrance of your favorite fall flowers 🌻, foliage 🍁, and foods 🎃; 
or how about the taste of that first, perky, hot, robust, morning coffee brew 🍵, 
or tea 😘 - waking the senses to see. 👀
Be that beautiful sunrise your eyes, and heart, are soaking in 😊 
reminding you of the Love ❤ 
you feel with your kin. 👪
Awaken your senses, your soul, all your being,
Promise yourself that you will live today to the fullest. 
Good Morning 🌞


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