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I think every woman has been harassed, and more than once.
While I don't condone harassment, I also don't condone excuses for not coming forward when the incident that made you feel so terrible occured.
Fingers are being pointed on national television, and men are now guilty before proven otherwise - which viable proof is damn near impossible to come by - the issue becomes victims word vs harasser, and it seems we have gone from one extreme to another - no accountability, to extreme shaming & ineffective accountability (whether guilty or not). This behavior is as abhorrent as those that disrespect women.A few questions:
• Why are women singling out & accusing a certain type of man - public figures.
Why are women not calling out every man that has harassed or assaulted in their lifetime?
• Why have no men come forward to expose female predators? Daft to deny there are females committing the same disgusting acts and behaviors.
Since when is harassment a cause for ruin…

The 3 R's : Simple Changes

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

Have you wondered what you can do to help the environment - the earth & all life on it..?
I like to discuss the 3 R's; Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
Take a minute to look at what you use, especially what you dispose of most - this includes things like shampoo, detergents, sodas, and plastic bags.
We are going to work backwards as I believe (for most) it is easier to start with, Recycle
“When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do.”– Pam Shoemaker, Author
If you have recycling in your area this something simple you can do to help out.
Find out what recyclables are taken at your local recycling center(s) - some even take compost materials!
Try to wash out/off recyclables, remove labels, and try not to put items that will just be tossed by the recycling center.
Where we live there is pick up and drop off. See what is offered in your area.
Also, many…


Life since my last post back in August...
Nothing has really changed.
Every day remains a challenge for me (between my varying, lifelong & chronic, health problems), and with my teen son whom is struggling at home and at school due to having Inattentive ADHD (and Dyslexia), it is a daily test for both of us.
My hope for this post is that we can help each other by sharing our experiences, and what has worked for each of us, and/or our loved one(s); In this case I want to address ADHD & ADD.

The combined results of several people working together is often much more effective than could be that of an individual scientist working alone.~ John Bardeen
If you or a loved one have ADHD or ADD, what has worked for in regards to: - staying on task - completing daily tasks, like brushing teeth, or taking vitamins - academic career (distractions, focus, self advocacy), or a life career - therapy  - vitamins, supplements, or medications - disorganization  - interpersonal relationships - &qu…

What the #Hashtag?!?

It confuses & annoys me, and it is my internet enemy. What am I talking about?

Are you as confused/lost when it comes to Hashtags as I am? From what I hear, we are not alone.  Question I have: • Why do the rules change so often? One day it's, "Use 20-30 Hashtags for the most response," the next day it's, "Do not use more than 2-3 tags as you will have less engagement." ..I'm done pulling my hair out trying to understand.  Meh, What The #Hashtag?!? Since this marketing tool (more like, make me a marketing fool) began I have tried to keep up - though admittedly, I haven't put that much time in. I have too much other crap going on to spend hours learning about an ever changing, and not guaranteed effective, (social media) marketing tool. What compromise have I found? I cheat via the information those who do/did have the time to research the evolving social media platform share, and those who share enough info and description that the social media illiterate…

Colorado Trips (to do with 13 yr old)

Figuring out where to go with your kiddo(s) can be a frustrating search and choice - whether a day trip or a vacation.
Through trial & error over the last 13 years with my son, I think we have found some fun and beautiful adventures. 

Something to keep in mind - we live in mountains of Colorado so this is collection of trips from where we live, as well I will share what we have here in Summit County, Colorado.
The following are places we have been, as well places we plan to visit with my son. As well, places I have been to that I wish my son was there because he would have loved them.
Glenwood Springs : Glenwood Canyon, Hot Springs, Adventure Park, Cycling, Camping, and Hiking Trails Galore. Carbondale and Aspen are just "up the road" from Glenwood Springs, and offer all sorts of family based activities.  Skateboard? There are 4+ Skate parks in the area: Glenwood, Carbondale, Basalt, and Aspen.
(Canyon park outside parker)
Independence Pass & Aspen/Twin Lakes : Punch …

Healthy & Happy Year : Part 5

To start, please let me apologize for my absence. Life really got away from me; too much going on, not enough hours in a day. I am sure you know what I speak of.

Where did we end...
Goals I had:
1) Daily To-Do List
2) Exercise 3-5 days a week
3) Use MyFitness Pal app, daily; help me track what I am eating, and save calories each day knowing I have a sleep-eating dissociative part. (I don't only have myself to retrain; I have varying personality parts all pulling me in different directions, each trying to get their way. Ugh!)
4) Meditate min of 3 days a week; aim for 5+

Ok, so... I am not going to try and explain away the things I have not done, but after addressing my goal list I am going to share the short story of my life the last 2-3 months.

Daily To-Do List >  Admit that I have not been the best at doing this... though I am getting much of my list done day to day. I think just having it where I can't avoid seeing it helps, like a subliminal message.

Exercise 3 to 5 Days…

Minority Mental Health

Did you know July is National Minority Mental Health Month? Here are 10 facts about Minority Mental Health to get you thinking:1. Teenage Latinas are more likely to die by suicide than African American and white, non-Hispanic female students. 2. Less than 1 in 11 Latinos with mental disorders contact mental health care specialists.3. In 2009, suicide was the second leading cause of death for American Indian/Alaska Natives between the ages of 10 and 34.4. LGB youth are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide compared to their straight peers.5. Native American males ages 15-24 account for 64 percent of all suicidesamong Native Americans.6. Among women aged 15-24, Asian American females have the highest suicide rates across all racial/ethnic groups.7. In a 2006 study, suicide was cited asthe third leading cause of death for African Americans ages 15-19.8. Only 1 out of 3 African Americans who need mental health care receive it.9. In 2012, 14 percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives …

When your T(w)een Son wants to Skip (the last day of) School...

My son thought I was letting him take the day off... HA!  Joking, but seriously. We were planning an adventure to a destination with geological interest, and hopefully a skatepark (there, or on way there/back), but weather reports for Colorado are calling for rain most of the afternoon. the wheels in my noggin started turning, and the above meme is what this smart ass mother came up with.
The options I came up with are fun, things my 13 year old son might actually enjoy, and they provide teachable moments, as well, educational - to one degree or another.
When you google "rainy day (outdoor) activities (with teenagers)" the results are mainly ideas for activities for elementary age children and younger. What about the older kiddos? You know, the children of the corn that wish they could beam lazers out of their eyeballs and kill all adults?
"Welcome to being a parent of a teenager. Prepare for large amounts of eye rolling, emotional outburst, and thoughts of running …

Mother's Day Gift Guide : Part 3

I am NOT compensated for these posts: all links I share are shared because I believe in the company and/or (like) the products. This goes for all of my posts. I do, however, work with Pure Haven Essentials, Juice Plus+, and have my online boutique, the sam-e boutique. 

“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.” ― Sarah Dessen, Lock and KeyWhether making gifts yourself, or buying handmade gifts from an artist or craft person; handmade gifts come from the heart. Whether you or another, when we make a gift for someone it is because we love them, and when we make the gift, it comes from a place of love, care, and consideration.  “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.” ― Seneca, Moral Essays: Volume III Many think handmade gifts are "cheap". This is the far from the truth, and I should know as an artist and craft woman.
Unless one buys wholesale, and in quantity, art and craft supplies add up VERY quickly! As well, we mus…

Mother's Day Gift Guide : Part 2

“As an athlete, my health was critical to my career,” says Shannon Miller. “I needed to fuel my body for success in competition. Juice Plus+ was part of my training regimen and it continues to be a critical part of my health regimen. I am so proud to partner with Juice Plus+ as they continue to make a true difference in the health and wellness of my whole family.” Shannon is working with Juice Plus+, and the One Simple Change (Online) Community, to help families improve their lifelong health & wellness via simple lifestyle changes. She is also a mother that not only uses Juice Plus+ Products herself, she also fuels her families health with Juice Plus+ as well. 

What does Shannon Miller's story have to do with Mother's Day
We love and care for our mothers, which means we want to help them with their health when we can, and are able. Juice Plus+ is a simple way to ensure the Mom's in your life are getting healthy, balanced, whole food nutrition; bridging the gaps in thei…