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Happy & Healthy New Year : Part 2

Apologies I am just now updating you, but my anxiety & mood has been such that I needed to put owning my story on the back burner (so as not to trigger myself). But I am back, and ready to share!

Re-Cap of My Goals, and Progress:

■ = completed
□ = not completed Week 1:
■ Find and use Meditation & Chakra Energy Work Apps - meditate daily
(We are using these apps: Headspace, Calm, and I found a Chakra Energy Work/Meditation app.)

Have done daily 😊
■ Start using MyFitness Pal App (again ugh lol I binge eat when I am depressed so this app helps me get my eating in control)

Need to stick to it; have been "bad" about using the app the last week 😜
■ Get back to Daily Routine TO-DO List (Mine has things like : when to diffuse essential oils, take vitamins and meds, reminders to eat meals, yoga, etc. Anything I want to do daily, or should/need to do daily.)

Week 2:
□ Daily Routine Items: Yoga, Journal, and drink Green Tea (when caffeine ok; caffeine activates anxiety and…

Some of my fave IG Shares lately

Hope you enjoy these, or learn from these, as much as I did.

Here's to a Happy & Healthy New Year/2017

Hello there! Last year I went through a lot, mentally and physically, and unfortunately due to this had a very difficult time keeping to healthy habits & routines that I know help me be healthier and happier.
After two M1 holds, one of which landed me in a psychiatric hospital for 4 days, not being able to work the last four months due to my health (thankfully I have faithful & supportive clients that wait for me/us, as well as Pure Haven Essentials and Juice Plus+), a driving under the influence ticket due to one of my personality parts taking over and being a "maniac" (first DUI; court date is this month...), roller coaster ride moods, finding out at 37 that I have dissociative parts, my chronic pain symptoms have been worsening, dealing & coping with my boyfriends struggles, my son's struggles, depression like I haven't had in years, and life in general; I am digging deep to make serious changes so I, and in turn those in my life, can be healthier a…