Happy & Healthy New Year : Part 2

Apologies I am just now updating you, but my anxiety & mood has been such that I needed to put owning my story on the back burner (so as not to trigger myself). But I am back, and ready to share!

Re-Cap of My Goals, and Progress:

■ = completed
□ = not completed
Week 1:
■ Find and use Meditation & Chakra Energy Work Apps - meditate daily
(We are using these apps: Headspace, Calm, and I found a Chakra Energy Work/Meditation app.)

  • Have done daily 😊

■ Start using MyFitness Pal App (again ugh lol I binge eat when I am depressed so this app helps me get my eating in control)

  • Need to stick to it; have been "bad" about using the app the last week 😜

■ Get back to Daily Routine TO-DO List (Mine has things like : when to diffuse essential oils, take vitamins and meds, reminders to eat meals, yoga, etc. Anything I want to do daily, or should/need to do daily.)

Week 2:
□ Daily Routine Items: Yoga, Journal, and drink Green Tea (when caffeine ok; caffeine activates anxiety and mania symptoms.)

  • Have started journaling, coloring, sharing more on Instagram (to help others & myself), and reading (recommend Wild Succulent Women, by Sark); have not gotten in habit of doing yoga or drinking green tea (rather than coffee; I am officially part of the coffee addicts lol). 
    • Have put daily reminders in my phone calendar to remind me to do the things I have not been "good" about sticking to, or beginning. 

□ Exercise 30+ minutes a day... maybe start at 10 minutes on day 1, and work way up to 30 minutes by day 7.

  • Have had some physical activity: shoveling snow, snowboarding, work abdomen and cleaning houses (as a job).

Go snowboard, Sam! Go shovel snow! Great exercise! (Give yourself motivational nudges. And with any goal, take baby steps whenever needed.)

Week 3:
□ Daily Routine Item: Read - Learn! Grow!

  • Have been reading, but not daily: goal to read daily will be one Week 4 Goal List 

♡ go to a Yoga Class??? (My anxiety has kept me from ever going to a yoga class. I have always done yoga at home; learned on my own via videos.)

  • Not yet... 

♡ go to a Group Therapy (Group)??? (Again, my anxiety has kept me from going (to group sessions.))

  • Not yet...
Overall Goal: Mood Stability, Less Physical Pain, Healthier, In Better Shape, Happier.
Weight Goals: Loose 10 lbs (of fat) - lower BMI (I am not overweight for my height, but my BMI is up, and the more weight I carry around, the more my chronic pain conditions, like Arthritis, flare. Muscle is good for chronic pain conditions.)

SO there you have it; my goals and progress to date.
Did you have goals you wanted to meet by the end of February? What were they? Did you accomplish any of them?
Even if we only accomplish one goal in a time frame we set, that is a baby step in the right direction. Give yourself a pat on the back - you deserve it!

Other things I have been doing for my health are: take my vitamins & Whole Food Nutrition daily, take my medications as prescribed, restive sleep (and naps when needed, tehe), forcing myself to do things I am having issue motivating to do (mind over matter does work at times), going to all my therapy appointments, practice coping techniques I learned about and am learning, and I am being kinder to myself (in words & thoughts) and in turn others.

When I am more comfortable, and not as activated, I will share more of my story with you. For my mental health I cannot share currently. I hope you can understand. 💝

With that, here are my Goals for Week 4 - 6

Week 4
□ Daily Routine Item: Read, and make sure getting DAILY Routine List checked off  ✔
□ Use My Fitness App DAILY!
□ Make Physical Therapy Appts and GO!

Week 5
□ Stick to DAILY Routine Items!
□ Yoga daily (yet)?
♡ Go to Group Therapy?

Week 6
◯ Stick to DAILY Routine List!
□ Exercise 30+ minutes DAILY!
□ Blog 😉
♡ Go to a Yoga Class?

If I think of anything I will update this post.

Would love for you to share you goals with us!

Until next time,
I wish you luck! 😍😍😍😍 (please wish me luck; I can use all the luck I can get lol no, no, it takes will power and perseverance).
I send you positive, energizing, and healing energy 💌
Live. Laugh. Love.

Ending thought...

Artwork/Poster by Me 😉 Sam L/the sam-e boutique


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