Here's to a Happy & Healthy New Year/2017

Hello there!
Last year I went through a lot, mentally and physically, and unfortunately due to this had a very difficult time keeping to healthy habits & routines that I know help me be healthier and happier.
After two M1 holds, one of which landed me in a psychiatric hospital for 4 days, not being able to work the last four months due to my health (thankfully I have faithful & supportive clients that wait for me/us, as well as Pure Haven Essentials and Juice Plus+), a driving under the influence ticket due to one of my personality parts taking over and being a "maniac" (first DUI; court date is this month...), roller coaster ride moods, finding out at 37 that I have dissociative parts, my chronic pain symptoms have been worsening, dealing & coping with my boyfriends struggles, my son's struggles, depression like I haven't had in years, and life in general; I am digging deep to make serious changes so I, and in turn those in my life, can be healthier and happier.
My case manager, and to be honest, therapist, peer worker and psychiatric nurse, have all "been on me" to meditate daily. (In my opinion, it says a lot for meditation that my whole mental health team wants me to meditate.)
My depression, and in turn, the tug-of-war in my brain (between said depression and my intellectual & rational side that knows and wants to do what needs to be done), has allowed me to put it off... No more! I can not allow my mania, depression, anxiety, or any variation there of stop me from taking the steps I know will make me healthier and happier. - And I urge you to join me in taking charge of your health. Let us all find some health and happiness this year, and every year after.
I feel like there should be a disclaimer on Health & Happiness:
Be warned, if you wish to be healthy and happy, you MUST work at/for it - day in and day out. Health and Happiness is a lifelong journey; One you must embrace, or suffer. The choice is yours, but it IS your choice, and the journey is yours to shape.
Sound about right? Haha
Seriously though, it takes daily work. And it is up to us to choose to put in the effort, or not - either is a choice. And ours to make.
So I choose to challenge myself this year. Its not a resolution, it is a choice to grow. To learn more about myself, and the world. It is a choice to not suffer by choice....And stop Talking about getting healthy, and take Action to get Healthy. ...suffering, for most of us, is by our own design/choice... hard thing to accept, and forgive.
Here is my game plan thus far:
■ = completed
□ = not completed
Week 1:
■ Find and use Meditation & Chakra Energy Work Apps - meditate daily
(We are using these apps: Headspace, Calm, and I found a Chakra Energy Work/Meditation app.)
■ Start using MyFitness Pal App (again ugh lol I binge eat when I am depressed so this app helps me get my eating in control)
□ Get back to Daily Routine TO-DO List (Mine has things like : when to diffuse essential oils, take vitamins and meds, reminders to eat meals, yoga, etc. Anything I want to do daily, or should/need to do daily.) 
Week 2:
□ Daily Routine Items: Yoga, Journal, and drink Green Tea (when caffeine ok; caffeine activates anxiety and mania symptoms.)
□ Exercise 30+ minutes a day... maybe start at 10 minutes on day 1, and work way up to 30 minutes by day 7.
Go snowboard, Sam! Go shovel snow! Great exercise! (Give yourself motivational nudges. And with any goal, take baby steps whenever needed.)
Week 3:
□ Daily Routine Item: Read - Learn! Grow!
♡ go to a Yoga Class??? (My anxiety has kept me from ever going to a yoga class. I have always done yoga at home; learned on my own via videos.)
♡ go to a Group Therapy (Group)??? (Again, my anxiety has kept me from going (to group sessions.))
Overall Goal: Mood Stability, Less Physical Pain, Healthier, In Better Shape, Happier.
Weight Goals: Loose 10 lbs (of fat) - lower BMI (I am not overweight for my height, but my BMI is up, and the more weight I carry around, the more my chronic pain conditions, like Arthritis, flare. Muscle is good for chronic pain conditions.)
Choose attainable goals. Don't overload yourself. Don't self yourself up for failure.
Set yourself up for Success!!! You know you better than anyone.
I will update this goal list as I check things off, and will be sharing my journey here with all of you - as I always do.
Will you join me? Start your own journey? 
With that, I have got to get my butt in gear and get ready for my therapy appointment.
Happy New Year!
And until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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