Are they really, "Good, Natural Ingredients"?

Companies spend a lot of time and money to make their products seem natural and safe for you and your family from heart-warming commercials to more natural-looking packaging. Tag lines like “Good, Natural Ingredients” sound great, but what does that really mean for you?
Unfortunately, you may be unaware of harmful ingredients and continue to be exposed to toxic ingredients in your personal care and home products. As a consumer, you need to be vigilant and make sure your products are not just marketed to sell as safe, but are formulated with the right ingredients so they are actually safe.
Reading label after label on your products, even so-called eco-friendly products, can make your head spin. It’s frustrating to know that many of the items in your house are marketed to make you think they are beneficial for you, when in fact they can make you and your family feel worse, not better. You might have even been living with annoyances like minor allergies and headaches for so long that it seems normal. If a stroll down the laundry aisle at the grocery store can throw you into a sneezing fit, daily use of products with harmful chemicals can cause sneezing, itchy watery eyes or low grade headaches.
Rather than being overwhelmed, feeling like there are SO many changes to make, you do have a better solution. PUREhaven ESSENTIALS Bundle No. 8 is the perfect place to start. Its eight products touch all areas of your home, from hair care to intense moisturization to the kitchen counters, plus it includes a bonus Master Blaster for stains and odors that you’ll use everywhere. By using the products in this bundle alone, you eliminate as many as 135 harmful toxins in your products!
- Pure Haven Essentials Blog


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