Healthy & Happy New Year: Part 4

(Apologies if this is all-over; struggling with hypo-mania.) 

At the end of my Healthy & Happy New Year: Part 3, blog post, I shared my March Goals:
(life got busy, and I had to prioritze; apologies it is almost the end of April I am just now getting this posted.)

1) Do my To-Do list EVERY day – do not let parts prioritize list; complete all!
  • ...I am at least getting some of it done.
2) Exercise (daily)!!! Snowboard, Just Dance, Walk, Yoga, Hike, PT Exercises - Just Do It!!!
  • Has not been daily, but it is regularly.
3) Just say No to junk food!!! Grab raisins, applesauce, peaches & pears rather than my boyfriend’s candy and ice cream.
  • Saying no to my boyfriends treats more but, I am reaching for honey toast rather than fruits & veggies... working on that. Just went to the store and stocked up on fresh produce.
4) Meditate EVERY day!!!
  • I think I may have meditated a handful of times... Slap on the hands! MUST meditate!!!
Let's just say, I was not very successful. (SMH at myself.)
But as I keep saying, I have to keep plugging away. Dwelling on my mistakes won't do me, or anyone around me, any good. 

Like the last Happy & Healthy post, I have been getting projects done, but I am still struggling with the bits n' pieces in my dome playing tug-of-war. This is one reason I need to meditate; it helps reign in all the chaos in my head. 

To-Do: Work with whatever part(s) doesn't want to cooperate in these goals; mindfulness practice will help me with this. As will sticking to my other morning routines. 

What advice do you have for me? 

Let's set my goals for the next month... annnd the goals remain the same. 
1) Daily To-Do List
2) Exercise 3-5 days a week
3) Use myfitness pal app, daily; help me track what I am eating, and save calories each day knowing I have a sleep-eating dissociative part. (I don't only have myself to retrain; I have varying personality parts all pulling me in different directions, each trying to get their way. Ugh!)
4) Meditate min of 3 days a week; aim for 5+

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have chosen small goals so I do not set myself up for failure. And, as we have seen, I am struggling - the daily basics are a job in and of themselves. 
So, take a few deep breaths with me, loose judgments, accept what is, and (have a little talk with self to) figure out the next steps that need to be taken to work towards the goals. So as not to be harsh to self, remember; deep breaths and baby steps - this is not a marathon. We are all on a journey and ideally, (we all) want to establish a (life-long) Healthy Lifestyle. 

0ne, or more, of my dissociative parts has decided to push healthy routines (and beneficial "tools") way back in my brain (AKA priority list) - someone in there has perfected the art of Avoidance. My therapist and I have been addressing this very frustrating - like I wish I could bitch slap my parts - issue. 
As with anything having to do with the brain, this journey of discovery will take it's own time so (per the norm), I am trusting the process. ...I may want to bitch slap "the process" while concurrently doing the same to my dissociative parts, but I continue to trust the process. If I don't, I will be doomed to a life of mental deterioration, and in turn, physical.

few things I have been doing to help myself...
- Journaling 
- Going for walks & hikes 
- Dancing 
- Drinking lots of water
- Make sure I am in bed before midnight (...that may not happen tonight since it is already 11:07 pm - oops!)
- Make sure to take my vitamins, and medications 

Unfavorable trait: I am snappier than a lobster claw. This is another issue that would be relieved by simply taking a few minutes to meditate, or even just a few deep belly breaths...r-e-a-l-l-y NEED to Meditate...

Do you have any ideas; how can I convince all my parts to get on board, and get this done? 
(I have tried calendar, phone reminders, and dry erase boards.) 

“When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.” 
~ Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Keep on keeping on.
Until next time, 
Live. Laugh. Love. 


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