What Does Chronic Pain Look Like?

A 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) study estimates that within a previous three-month period, 25 million U.S. adults had daily chronic pain, and 23 million more reported severe pain. Those with serious pain need and use more health care services and suffer greater disability then persons with less severe pain.

It is difficult for people who do not suffer from Chronic Pain to understand what it is like to live with, especially when they "know someone who has chronic pain (and/or terminal illness), and they work full time, are happy, and healthy."
Each person with Chronic Pain has their own forms, types, levels, and tolerance. No two people suffer the same (way). No two people feel (exactly) the same pain.
Example: I live with Chronic Pain, Mental Illness, as well as other lifelong disorders/illnesses. The combination  for me means, getting through a day is a job in and of itself.  

(maybe these) Important Information & Stats (will help people understand)

What Does Chronic Pain Look Like?

Pain looks different for each & every pain patient. 
"Two people can have the same nerve compression, but one guy will be bedridden and the other guy will be saying, 'Nah, I'm fine,' " says David Kloth, an anesthesiologist and past president of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.

This is an image I made to (visually) show my health professionals what my neck, shoulder, arm, and back pain "looks like". Now, it obviously does not depict what it is like to live with pain, but you get a picture of the amount of pain I deal with - keep in mind, this is only a back view. 
This image is meant to show the pain I deal with every, single day/all day. 

What would your pain look like if you were to make it an image? 

 Save, Print, and Use these images to depict your pain visually (for doctors). 

What type(s) of  Chronic Pain do you live with?
I live with Fibromyalgia, (head to toe) Arthritis, (suspected) Rotator Cuff Syndrome, Costochondritis, Migraines/Headaches, Nausea, G.I. Pain, and Back Pain. I am also (still) healing a knee injury, and a calf muscle tear
(I also live with a handful of Mental Illnesses.)

Below are some images I found that (I feel) relay what it is like to live with and have Chronic Pain

Have you ever felt like someone, or something, was punching
through you? Consistently? Daily?
Nerve Pain, like that caused by
 Fibromyalgia, can be unbearable.

Electricity Storm... Hyper Sensitivity... Restlessness... Wanting to Crawl Out Of Your Skin, or just tear it off...  

...I can not seem to put into words how I relate to this image (in regards to pain), but it struck a cord in me... 


I want you to ponder the following... 

We know healthy diet, hydration, yoga, meditation, physical therapy, acupuncture, (whole food) vitamins & supplements, exercise, stretching, and rest (among many other all natural treatments), help Chronic Pain - unfortunately, they are not always enough. 

As recovered opiate abuser (not prescription opiates), I know first hand how dangerous pain killers (opiates or otherwise) can be for mental and physical health. While they bring relief, the over all negative effects really have to be weighed with the benefits. Often you will find that the benefits do not outweigh the side effects, and potential negative health consequences. 

I am suggesting an alternative... Medical Cannabis
Many still scoff at Marijuana as medicine, but little do nay-sayers know, Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a (natural) medicinal remedy - Never mind the scientific proof of Marijuana's efficacy. 

Colorado, where we live, has legal (Medical & Recreational) Cannabis; I have been a patient for the last 7+ years, and my whole medical team is on board - including my mental health team. 
If you do not live in a state where Medical Cannabis is legal, contact, Americans for Safe Access

Do you believe what Politicians like Jeff Sessions say about Cannabis? Please, do not; Fact Check.

...I think that covers it... for now. 

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love. 


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