When your T(w)een Son wants to Skip (the last day of) School...

My son thought I was letting him take the day off... HA!  Joking, but seriously. We were planning an adventure to a destination with geological interest, and hopefully a skatepark (there, or on way there/back), but weather reports for Colorado are calling for rain most of the afternoon. ..so the wheels in my noggin started turning, and the above meme is what this smart ass mother came up with.
The options I came up with are fun, things my 13 year old son might actually enjoy, and they provide teachable moments, as well, educational - to one degree or another.
When you google "rainy day (outdoor) activities (with teenagers)" the results are mainly ideas for activities for elementary age children and younger. What about the older kiddos? You know, the children of the corn that wish they could beam lazers out of their eyeballs and kill all adults?

"Welcome to being a parent of a teenager. Prepare for large amounts of eye rolling, emotional outburst, and thoughts of running away. And that’s just the parents!"

What do Tweens and Teens like to do? And more so, what would they enjoy doing with their parents? ...ugh. Gives me a headache just thinking about the matter.
What does your T(w)een enjoy? What are they interested in? 
My son has a wide array of interests and activities he enjoys but, that does not mean he enjoys doing them with me. (meh) So I had to figure out how to put a twist on the things I know he may enjoy doing AND enjoy doing it with us.
The educational part, Homeschool Day, came to fruition once I started dreaming up ideas about how to present the activities my son could choose from tomorrow, and the meme up top is what I came up with. (I thought it was pretty creative, and clever...)
Some Things My 13 year old son enjoys: 
Growing (some plants... for some reason, not all.)
Cooking & Cookies 
Being Silly 
The Time Capsule idea came from a blog post on PopSugar.com

What ideas do you have?
What rainy activities do you enjoy doing with your t(w)een?

"Mother’s of teens know why some animals eat their young!"

Some other ideas I saw while going through the hundreds on the internet:
  • Movie Day/Night: pick a theme, like Disney Classics, Summer Flicks, Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi. Pop some popcorn (I use organic kernels, and pop them in Avocado Oil), grab your fave drinks, a few (healthy) snacks and/or candies, get comfy, and enjoy!
  • Build a killer fort!
  • Bake or Cook together
  • Have a STEM Day - science, technology, engineering, and math. 
  • JENGA!
  • Karaoke 
  • Family Video Game Night
  • (Board) Games 
  • put together a Puzzle together
  • Card Games
    • idea: blackjack/poker for rewards (rather than money) like, "get out of 1 chore", or "do dishes for mum"
  • Pay It Forward Rock Painting , and then place rocks randomly outdoors 
  • go to a Museum
  • have fun at a Recreation Center 
  • Explore your area 
  • Take a day trip 
  • go Fishing 
...I am all out of ideas. Me brain is ready for Zzz's.
If you need more suggestions, there are a ton on the internet and Pinterest!
Apologies for cutting it short. 

"Raising teenagers is like being pecked to death by chickens."
Until next time, 
Live. Laugh. Love. 
(Apologies for typos, it is 11 pm, and my brain & eyes are donzo lol) 


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